Laporan UNSW Matematik 2010

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New South Wales Mathematics Competition Report in year 2010

The competition had been carried out successfully on 3rd August from 8 am to 9 am in school reading room. The teachers in charged were Madam Tan Ewe Boon, Miss Ling Ngiik Mink and Miss Goh Leh Ling, have coordinated the competition. The time allocated for the competition was 60 minutes. There were 3 levels students participating in the competition which  were form 2, 3 and 4 levels. Each level consists of 13, 12 and 10 students respectively.

Name of participants:

No Form 2 Form 3 Form 4
1 Brandon Wong Jung Yao Christopher Hii Raymond Hu
2 Carlie Yew Tii Jeen Kong Shieng Wu Robert Tieng Shiaw Wee
3 David Yii Guang Hao Chieng Yi Rong Chieng Siew Hee
4 Jimmy Ling Nguong Shen Sim Ming Seng Stephen Yeo Tze Ping
5 Kho Hou Yong Vernon Fong Collin Shieu Wu Sheng
6 Liu Nian Sheng Peter Loh Clarence Lee Han Wee
7 Ong Soon Lin Daniel Wong Ling Ee Fang
8 Oscar Ting Teo Wei Wong Teck Seng Ling Chee Huat
9 Richard Tie Sing Wan Tiong Kung Hing Jackson Wong Kee Sheng
10 Yii Ming Hong Vincent Ngu Eusebius Teo Kien Kiong
11 Japheth Ling Chia Yi Gordon Lee  
12 Jerome Tan Kok Ming Alex Tang Shi Seng  
13 Richard Wong Qi Lun    


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